GERNI Poseidon 2 Portable

GERNI Poseidon 2 Portable
The GERNI POSEIDON 2-24 offers the user a tough, reliable and compact cold model water cleaning power.
A compact cold water model that combines a high performance level for increased cleaning efficiency, ergonomics and durability for superior everyday cleaning.

The POSEIDON 2-24 model is designed for everyday semi-professional use mainly by tradesmen, on small construction sites or in the rental industry. The mobile unit associates a high level of ergonomics with cleaning power. Ideal for tradesmen who need to take the unit from site to site such as painters.

The POSEIDON 2-24 comes with the following standard equipment, Ergo 1000 Gun, Flexopower Lance, Tornado Plus Nozzle and 10 metres high pressure hose.

  • Tough, robust and powdercoated steel frame.
  • Compact and easy to transport.
  • Pressure – 1450 PSI
  • Weight – 24kg.
  • Full ceramic pistons.
  • Single Phase Power.
  • 0ne Year Warranty.