Hakomatic E450/530

Hakomatic E450/530

For quick economical maintenance cleaning. This 240V electric scrubbing/dry vacuuming machine cleans and dries the floor in a single pass – spotless in one operation. Area performance up to 1,700 m2/hr. Comes standard with Patented Hako Aqua Control System.

Better Performance

  • Possibility of numerous different models based on one basic machine to provide economical equipment which exactly suits the application and meets customer requirements.
  • Excellent cleaning performance as a result of the newly designed scrubbing tools with changedbrush geometry for optimum adaption to the floorand excellent dirt removal.
  • Optimum up-take of cleaning solution even when negotiating corners thanks to the parabolic squeegee with spring suspension.
  • Superior battery technology i.e. 3 different batterysystems (e.g. maintenance-free, PzS heavy-duty),running times of up to 2 hours, low discharge signalfitted as standard, integrated battery charger (option)

Increased Comfort

  • Easy guidance, excellent steering and high degree of manoeuvrability as a result of the central guide and support wheel located at the centre of the brush. Extremely short construction.
  • Patented brush connection system enables brushes to be exchanged at the press of a button from the operating panel.
  • Handy, height-adjustable steering column; depending upon model.  Excellent view of the operating panel.  Optimum view of the working area and brushhead.
  • Electric 3-5-stage clean water regulation; dependingupon model.  Electric hour meter; depending upon model.  Squeegee lips can be exchanged without the use of additional tools.

Greater Economy

  • A saving of up to 50% of water and cleaning agentsusing the ”Hako-Aqua-Stop” system. Tested and approved. This saving, when calculated over thelifetime of the machine, corresponds to the initialcost of purchase.
  • Longer lifetime as a result of the powder paint coatedsteel chassis construction. Extremely tough. Also tanks made of non-corrosive, robust syntheticmaterial which is resistant to damage.
  • Cost savings in terms of servicing too as all important parts are easily accessible. Malfunction diagnosis,longer intervals between maintenance checks and special maintenance conditions available.