Hamster 500E Battery Floor Sweeper

Hamster 500E Battery Floor Sweeper
The new 500E has outstanding sweeping performance.  With a long run time and maintenance free batteries (including a built in charger) it is so simple to use.

Built for comfort with a foldable handle with an easy grip.  The handlebar is height adjustable with one lever operation for all functions.
Fully usable and largest hopper of its class.
Powerful sweeping performance on hard floors and carpets.
Effective dust control as a result of the powerful vacuum
blower with large filter.
Highly effective shaker device for filter cleaning.
Long running time on industrial and carpeted floors.
Absolutely corrosion-resistant housing / chassis as well as
corrosion-resistant dirt hopper.

Maintenance-free battery system.
Easy folding operating handle and compact dimensions for
Easy grip housing and low unladen weight.
Height adjustable handle bar with one lever operation for all
Simple and central sweeping height adjustment.
Can negotiate stairs as a result of the large outer lying wheels
Most simple construction on a robust one-piece chassis.
On-board charger with integrated connection cable.
Electronic overload indicator and protection for drive motors
with automatic return setting.
Integrated low discharge protection.
Non-marking collision protection integrated in the chassis.
Handle design makes it easy to drive away from walls.
Easily fitted fluff sieve for use on carpeted floors