GERNI Poseidon 7-66/FB

GERNI Poseidon 7-66/FB
The ultimate industrial cold water unit with high water flow and high pressure. Ideal for agriculture, industry or food industry.

The Gerni POSEIDON 7 links the advantages of high water flow and high pressure, allowing both cleaning of intense dirt and flushing and rinsing of large quantities of loose dirt. The POSEIDON 7 is equipped with the heavy duty C3 pump with a high inlet temperature of 85° C for use with pre-heated water and additional degreasing effect.


  • 4 ceramic pistons
  • 1450 rpm motor
  • Robust frame
  • Inlet temperature up to 85°C (suction 70°C)
  • Heavy duty C3 pumps with extended lifetime
  • Ergo 3000 spray gun for unmatched user comfort